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Benefits Of Women-Only Drug Rehab

In-patient drug abuse treatment centers in arizona help many people combat addiction and go on to lead sober, productive, and fulfilling lives. Women who are suffering from addiction and need drug or alcohol rehab have the option to enter a regular program or a female-only rehab facility. In addition to the overall benefits of rehab, a Women's Addiction Treatment Program offers several advantages.

Feeling Safe

Unfortunately, many women with substance abuse problems have a history of domestic violence or sexual abuse from men. In fact, alcohol and drugs are often used as a coping mechanism for dealing with issues of abuse. In a mixed-gender program, the presence of men can be, at best, distracting and, at worst, threatening to female addicts. A women-only facility, on the other hand, can feel safer and more comfortable.

Shared Experiences

Another benefit of an arizona addiction recovery center just for women is that women can feel free to talk openly about experiences they have in common. In support group sessions, women can open up more easily with other women who have been through the same experiences. They can discuss issues like parenting, relationship problems, body image issues, or eating disorders more freely with other women than with men.

Services For Women

When a treatment program caters to women, it generally offers services specifically for women. The most valuable of these is childcare. Many women feel they can't consider rehab if they have small children to take care of. They worry that being separated from their children for several months will lead to losing custody of the children. When drug treatment programs offer childcare, prenatal care, and other services geared toward women's needs, they provide an invaluable service to their patients.

Better Chance Of Success

While almost all women can be successful in a women-only treatment program, certain types of women have a better chance of success in a women's group than in a mixed group. First of all, women who have a history of sexual abuse do better in rehab when there are no men around. In addition, women who have other mental health issues, like depression or an eating disorder, have better results in single-sex rehab. Finally, women who are pregnant or who have recently delivered a baby have a higher chance of success along with better health outcomes in women-only rehab.

In any rehab program, all patients will go through a detox phase and receive both one-on-one and group counseling. Visit this site to learn more about drug rehab centers prescott arizona.

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